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Are you thinking of getting a website for your business? Are you planning to shift to the digital world? Or, do you want to upgrade your all existing website with a new one with advanced features? The problem could be anything; there is a one-stop solution for all of this problem, which is RTNS.

We are a leading website developing company having years of experience in development, redesign and upgradation of web portals. Your website is the most important connection between you and your customers. It enables you to have effective communication with them. The perks of working with us are as follows: -

  • Competitive rates for your web development.
  • Reliable, Rapid and Renowned delivery.
  • Expert web designers and developers.
  • Transparent, collaborative and communicative
  • Customer satisfaction

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How and what type of website domain should you go ahead?

The choice of domain is such that it could easily pronounce or spelled over the telephone or in person. It should get stuck into the human mind so the name must be very much simple and close to your business name only.

Do we need to meet for finalizing the website?

Generally, a meeting is not required; the discussion can take place over phone, Skype and email. But at times when the instructions are not getting cleared, and you do not have satisfactory results over the sample templates (Demo) which we will show you time and again then we might send one of our representative to your office seeking prior appointment from you.

How long will it take to design my website?

Honestly speaking, this is a very tricky question. Your website is the face of your business, the front line of impact between you and your customers, so, until and unless you are absolutely dead satisfied with our work, the thumb should not be up. We will edit re-edit as many times as you want in order to hit bulls' eye.

How much will it cost me?

This also depends on the number of features you want in your website. Although we will advise, you looking at the nature of your business and the kind of customers you will be aiming at. On average, it takes about a month to get your websites up and running.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Website designing is a process where we use our creative team to visualize your ideas, business concepts into appealing design. Once you approve the design concept then our website developers start building it. Our website development team uses technologies like HTML5, CSS, Java Scripts to create the responsive mobile friendly front end and sometimes we use PHP, ASP.NET or other programming language to create the backend of a large website.

Will my website be search engine friendly?

All websites which are designed by us are search engine friendly because we keep SEO in our mind while designing your website. You will find that once your website is over the world wide web, it will have a top ranking than other websites.


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RTNS is involved in the creation of attractive web design for many years with many happy customers already in our bucket. As the statement goes that the first impression is the lasting one, the website of your business is a line of contact for your customers.

How well you decorate your website and how close you make your website at per towards the ethos and vision of your organization matters the most. We understand how important a website is for any business; for that reason we have been working hard for years in the creation of attractive, engaging websites. We make the website such that it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly which helps in the ranking of your website in search results. Most notable features in the website which we make are as follows: -

  • Easy to edit
  • Search engine friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Transparent, collaborative and communicative
  • In-depth engaging for customers
custom website designing service kolkata

There are two options which we, in RTNS, gives our clients first before starting the process of building their website, whether they want a tailor-made website, i.e. custom website or a template website. A template website is something whose pattern which we cannot edit, and they are available on google we can just edit the content on them.

They are not at all search engine friendly. If a website is not to search engine friendly, then the whole idea of making a website is flushed off because they will not come under any customer’s eyes as its ranking will be so poor that they will end up on the 5th or 6th page in any search results.

However, a custom website is way more search engine friendly since we can make the structure according to our wish that makes it easier for Google and other search engines to find them easily. Apart from this, every business has a different unique selling point, which can also be highlighted on a custom website.

wordpress website development service in West Bengal

WordPress websites are one of the most affortable solutions for your business. It might not be the most safest option, but as a start up business or small and medium size business you can always take the option of WordPress website development. RTNS offers the best WordPress customization service in its foray. With the help of this service, you can make your website more intriguing and engaging for your customers. It deals with the content on your webpage.

With the help of this service, rich contents could be edited, i.e. adding or changing the features of your website according to your wish. More the edit a website undergoes easier to make it search engine friendly. The theme which you feel suited most for your website could be used with the help of word press customization.

It is a great platform which enables users to create one of the unique websites that can draw customers to your doorstep.

responsive website design company in kolkata

This is a service which is a mandate for business owners to avail if they are prioritizing at the convenience of their customers. Electronic gadgets rule human life, and most of them are connected to the internet.

Among them are the communicational devices which get benefitted with the help of responsive websites. If a business website is not responsive, then it becomes really inconvenient as it looks bad whenever they are made to open on a different device it does not get acclimatized with the screen size depriving the visitors of getting the optimal experience of your website.

All the hard work, money and time goes in vain during that time. As mobile and tablet users are increasing day by day, it is imperative to have a responsive website for impressing your clients.

business website design services in India

Your website is a critical connection with you and your customers. Residing in this digital world, the problem of not having a website is that you are losing on a lot of potential customers, which in turn is affecting the growth opportunities of your business.

Now even if you have a website, still you are not getting desired results? Is your website not mobile friendly? Are you not happy with the design of your website? Is the contact details present on your website not easily accessible by visitors? Do you face problems while tracking the progress of your website? If these are the problems that you are facing, then the one stop solution for you would be RTNS.

We have the capability and the reputation for delivering the best business websites for SME as well as big business firms. With enhanced after-sale service undoubtedly, the kind of experience we try to give to our customers is unparalleled.

real estate website design company in West Bengal

Most of the real estate businesses have a template website. The biggest disadvantage of a template website is they are not at all search engine friendly. This might affect the ranking of your website, which in turn is affecting the traffic on the website.

If you are facing this same problem of fewer visitors in your website, then you might just have found the right place. We, in RTNS, provides one of the most advanced customizable websites for your business, which will be very much search engine friendly and a unique one as well. With keyword optimization and SEO services, we can provide the best real estate website.

educational website design company in Kolkata

The important feature that an educational website must have is engagement. Secondly, it is the content of the website. Students are going to visit the website in order to learn about products or services offered by you, and until and unless they find it easy to use and informative, a number of drops will be more. Another feature which is mandated in an educational website is the information form and the contact details.

We, in RTNS, understood this importance through years of experience in producing websites for business owners dwelling in the educational part. Other advanced features such as live chat options are also provided in our educational websites which makes intriguing for visitors and can earn trust about your organization or institution for whichever purpose you are looking forward to building your website.

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RTNS specializes in deeply understanding your business journey right from customer awareness to traffic generation. We have earned a great reputation in the industry which encourages us to help businesses define a robust website design & development strategy which works to meet business goals.

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