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Welcome to the world of search; at this point the entire business world is dominated by this word. There are many search engines but among them “Google” has the dominating market share. At RTNS we believe that search is a “strategy”, because this is how target audience will be able to find a product or service offered by an organization on internet. Most of the online sales today start with an online search, so for a business, making an online search presence is critically important.

This strategy is also referred as search engine optimization (SEO) and over the years RTNS has established its brand as one of the leading SEO consultant in India.

At RTNS, we offer comprehensive SEO strategies with the help of most advanced SEO tools to keep our client’s website at the top of search engine ranking page.

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What is SEO Service?

Search Engine Optimization service is called SEO service. This is a process where a website administrator communicates with internet search engines like Google or Bing in order to make sure that these search engines are aware of the website, index it in a proper way and create a record of all the business information.

What is organic Search Engine Optimization?

Organic Search Engine Optimization or organic SEO has changed a lot since the begining of the search engine era. One of the main criteria of organic SEO is to maintain the visibility of the website or web properties in the search engine result page according to the algorithms or terms and conditions of the search engines.

How to rank in Google Search page?

At this moment for any business organization it has become essential to rank in the Google's search page for any given relevent keywords typed by users in the Google search box. This process is strategic and continuous. The organization needs to create a proper communication channel with Google's algorithms. This is a work of professionals who understand Google's programminng and have years of experience. At RTNS we are doing this for years for our national and international clients.

Why your business needs SEO?

With the advancement of technology the number of internet users are increasing day by day. At this point users are relying on internet and their mobile phone to gather information about products, services and business. So, to provide better and on demand information to your prospect clients about your business, products or service you need to optimize your website for better visibility and greater serachability on internet.

Is your business website ready for Search Engine Optimization?

This is one the most important questions you need to ask before you start planning for your website optimization startegies. A good looking website design not always quialifies for Google's search page ranking. Google has created a guideline for website structures and all the websites need to maintain that in order to rank in the search engine result page.

How to start planning for your SEO campaign?

SEO is a continuous process and your website needs monthly support to maintain the visibility on internet. So, as a business owner you need to understand that search engine optimization is under long term business goals. Most of the cases you can start seeing the results within a month and your business pages ranking should see an improvement, if it is done correctly. In order to maintain that progress you need to add more value to your website in regular basis.


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At RTNS we specialise in search engine optimization services. One of the important aspects of SEO is detailed audit reporting for the website and as well as for the competitive landscape. This is the main building block for your website’s optimization strategies and without this there is no meaning of investing your money in SEO.

At the beginning of any SEO project we always perform an audit for the website to understand the present status of the website and its competitive environment which is essential for creating an initial draft blueprint for future requirements. This report also helps our clients to understand the entire process and plan accordingly.

At RTNS we have dedicated analytics team with statistics educational background who are specialized in analysing big digital data and providing decision based predictive information. Apart from the regular tools at RTNS we use advanced data analytics tools such as Python, R, SPSS, TensorFlow for search engine data analysis and reporting dashboards.

Over the years, after working with hundreds of businesses in India and abroad we have created a standard process oriented Google search page ranking optimization system which has delivered results for our customers from various industries.

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In modern days digital marketing field Google search engine ranking page has become one of the most important aspects for the businesses. Your website’s traffic or popularity depends on the ranking that your website has got for the typed keywords by a Google user. The higher is your ranking the probability is more that you are going to get more website visitors.

It is very important for you to understand this process and also track the SEO ranking positions. More importantly you need to do this for your competitors ranking too.

Continual ranking measurement by RTNS experts contributes to increased value in your business growth, thus refining the reporting process further. It is sort of closed loop which consists of SEO analytics, reporting and action required.

At RTNS we are using most advanced SEO tools for tracking your website’s search engine ranking keywords. We are also helping our clients with detailed reports about their competitors’ keywords ranking and monthly tracking. This helps our client’s to make informative decision about their budgeting and SEO strategies.

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Every medium and small-scale businesses have different category of customers, which reacts differently depending upon the location. For example, a hair parlour will have to operate and separately give advertisements for their south Kolkata branch than the one in their north Kolkata.

Because believe it or not mentalities and priorities do differ according to the location. Perhaps you might have noticed that mall owners prefer the southern part more than the northern region, it is for one good reason.

RTNS helps in fostering such a reputation, which can attract customers to your business keeping local people's mindset as one of the essential attributes. We are going to increase the brand image by campaigning on social sites, various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more which is going to increase the visibility of your brand in front of people living nearby to the area of your outlet.

A person living in south Kolkata will get advertisements for your business outlet which is also situated in south Kolkata thus magnetically closing down customers and increasing traffic on your website or store. Technologies such as GEO location tracking is a critical factor in order to track down the location.

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As we all know that Google search engine has been crowned as the supreme leader of all search engines. According to sources, every 9 out of 10 computers or smartphones, tablets do have Google as their default browsing application. And every 19 people out of 20 do not change that default browsing application. The numbers are astonishing right!!! So, if you are thinking of running a show without having a relationship with Google, then, it is not going to happen. We will create a secured channel with Google, which will enable you to get more relevant information with regards to the keywords that are used by customers while searching in for businesses of your genre.

Below there are few details about tools and process that we use for these particular strategies:

  • Google analytics customized integration and automated reporting structure.
  • Google search console account creation.
  • Existing XML sitemap is NOT recognized properly by Google search console.
  • Page indexing support for Google software
  • Canonical URLs identification and rectification for all the URLs.
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If you are an ambitious business man and you want to spread your wings in different parts of the world than you need our expertise in international business optimization. For years we are providing our clients with international business promotional consultancy in the field of international search engine optimization.

We have team of business analysts who understand international business environment and have experience in providing Google search engine ranking for given keywords in the field of healthcare, IT services, software products, ecommerce, real estate, financial products and many more.

International SEO requires certain expertise and knowledge about international competitive environment. This is a job of seasoned professionals with in depth knowledge in technical SEO, advanced semantic programming language and AI based software usage for the analysis.

At RTNS we have team of data scientist, natural language processing (NLP) experts and advanced infrastructure to support your website’s all needs for the a better visibility and online reputation in the international business environment.

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In this section, we will create a platform which will work as an intermediator between the vision of your business and your customers. Customers will be able to understand more profoundly about your business as we will create a face in the name of business profile creation. It is typical human nature that people impose trust only on a face. RTNS indulges into making an optimally sound business face, which will instil confidence and increase brand awareness.

The business profile we create will hold different products and services about your business, which will be accessible to your targeted customers. Purchasers who are interested in your products will be able to engage with you through our engagement program, which is a subtopic of business profile creation. Business's unique selling points will be highlighted in order to attract people.

We have a huge and trustworthy team of SEO experts who will create such a business profile, thus shaping your business in the right direction. The communication strategy will also be imposed in such designs allowing customers to reach you 24x7. This is going to generate a positive perception among the masses, which can only be good for business.

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As there is a famous saying in the business world is "Being aware of your strength and weaknesses is luxury but being aware of your competitors' strength and weaknesses is mandate” – We in RTNS are firm believers of this. So, in this segment, we help businesses identify their primary competitors with the help of various SEO tools like Semrush, Ahrfs, keyword planner etc. The keywords that our clients are using, we use those keywords in order to identify potential competitors.

After getting the names of competitors, we study their websites minutely in order to find the target words which they have been using till now. Once that is also done, then comes our esteemed SEO analytics team which starts analyzing various data such as their ranking in Google, average monthly or at times weekly search volumes for those targeted "keywords" and how much their ranking has increased after the inclusion of such words.

This will help our clients to get a clearer picture of their foes. Once this is done, we will return to our client's website and check whether they are optimally made or not such as title tags, description tags, contents, internal link structure etc. This includes a competitive analysis.

Our Data Driven
SEO Success Elements

At RTNS we have realised that search engine optimization process can be more beautiful and effective if we are able to implement the blend of data science with SEO process implementation. That is why we have a team of data science who are well trained in digital marketing consultancy services and semantic SEO data analysis.

Our whole approach towards search engine optimization is based on information retrieval process needed for understanding the basic working process of any search engine algorithm.

Our success is driven by our expertise on:

  • Information Retrieval Architecture .
  • Web and well controlled collections.
  • Website structure anatomy analysis.
  • Google architecture process analysis.
  • Data Structure and indexing process.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm and search engine optimization.
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RTNS is committed to provide advanced data driven search engine optimization solutions for informative decision making abilities for the management.

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All our SEO team members are well qualified with certifications from Google, YouTube, Facebook and from other national and international organizations.

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You can select RTNS as your reliable service provider as we are committed to provide you personalized search engine optimization service.

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RTNS believes in providing transparent communication to our all SEO clients regarding monthly reports; excel details and billing information for each process.

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