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PPC or Pay per click is that form of internet marketing where advertisers spend money each time the ads which they will be putting up on internet search engines are clicked. We, in RTNS, provides PPC campaign where we will coordinate the whole process of putting up the advertisement and maintaining the daily budget of our clients.

The most frustrating thing which most of the clients face in their PPC campaign is when they tend to exhaust their daily budget without even getting any desirable result. Traffic in their websites remains the same as it was prior to the campaign; on the other hand, they end up paying a large sum of their hard-earned money to search engines.

However, RTNS is a strong believer in providing services with optimal financial solutions. With our advanced analytical tools and esteemed analytical team, we first understand the nature of our client's business and the targeted audience of it, then depending upon what we select budget allocation for PPC campaign for our clients which can be more effective. With such data driven services, we can assure 100% results in the form of increased traffic in your website, thus increasing the conversion rates for your websites.

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Where do Google ads appear and what do they look like?

Google Ads can be found on the search results on a search engine. It appears on the right side of the screen. Depending upon the search engine on which the advertisements are done, it can take various looks. The look along with the search engine, everything is decided by our experts in our PPC services.

What are the advantages of PPC campaign?

It is really difficult to get the topmost ranking in search results in any search engine. So, with the help of PPC campaign, your website gets the center attention from its viewers, and also people who are looking for your service will visit your website.

What are the different sites where PPC advertisements are done?

Google is the hot favorite in this category. Almost half of the people use Google as its default browser, so PPC ads in Google is a mandate. Next comes Bing, Yahoo as other important search engines where ads can be put up. RTNS chooses the right search engine where our clients get the best ROI.

What are the different parts in PPC ad?

PPC ads can be of different form viz. text, banner, video and product listing. However, the rough pattern in a PPC ad is Headlines, Display URL, Destination URL, Description. Every section has different length barriers, which can vary on different occasions. Generally, it hovers around 25 words.

How can I target my PPC ad?

Although this is the part which RTNS will take care on your behalf, but the nature and the targeted customers of your business have to be shared with us in order to provide the best results. The three main forms which we check before posting an ad are Device, location and language.

6. How can I manage my daily PPC Ads budget?

Again, this is also something where RTNS will work out for you with an objective to provide you with an optimized solution. After hearing out about the nature of business from you and your targeted audience, our analytics team will plan the budget allocation in order to give you the best ROI in the market.


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This method of Digital Marketing is probably one of the best ways to capture the attention of the customers. But it wouldn’t help you to grow your business if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge to use it as so many times, we hear advertisers getting low conversion rates even though they have already spent so much money.

It is obvious that they were doing something wrong. You will need help in identifying the right domains, referrals, etc. And this is where we take over. We, at RTNS, would help you stay on track with the help our expert teams. Our vast, well-distributed experienced manpower will guide you to promote your services and business in the most cost-effective way and help you reach your goals within the required deadlines.

It's all about understanding the customers' behavior, interests and opinions. And our expertise in Web-Analytics, data science, technical skills, and our mentality to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers helps us deliver on our promises.

google text ad service provider Kolkata

If you have a website to promote your services, Google text ads are a perfect way to get the attention of targeted customers. Incidentally, potential customers may just be looking for your services and looking for a solution on Google, a solution that you can provide.

Since it focuses on keywords, you would need expertise on the type of structure and words you need to use to reach out to the maximum population. Our partnerships and vast network help us in understanding the customer choices, opinions and way of thinking.

This is where our Search Engine Optimization team comes in. And having the manpower qualified in using the knowledge puts us in a great position to help you reach your business to as many customers as possible. And then there is the added benefit of instant performance data which will help in refining the process to maximum effect.

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Smartphone has become so indispensable to people, and thereby, it has become imperative that clients use this platform to maximum benefit. And you need a proper marketing strategy to promote your products and services (whether the promotion would be better in a banner or a video, etc.).

We help you get leads, engage potential customers and build awareness for your brand. RTNS are perfectly placed to help you reach out to all kinds of demographic because of our huge manpower, scattered all over India, in case your product was specific to any particular location, and not only that we use our knowledge to direct the ads depending on variables like age, location, status, etc. As usual, it can be a useless platform if one doesn’t have the necessary expertise in utilizing it to its full capacity.

It’s important that the ads are entertaining, simple, captivating. But we are there so that that doesn’t happen. Our expertise in the field, viz. our qualified manpower helps you reach out to the maximum audience in short time.

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Here, in RTNS, we have a separate team base who have specialized in digging out the most common words that are used by the customers in order to search for any product or services.

Categorically we have divided them such that any business that enrolls with us will be provided with those keywords which will increase the ranking of their website, thus increasing the traffic.

This list of keywords has been maintained through extensive research by our analytics team. For any genre of business, we have worked separately in order to find relevant keywords. These keywords if included in the content of the websites, will surely get more preference by the search engines when anybody would look for services alike.

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Marketing campaign strategy is deployed to attract target customers for our clients and help promote your business. But before that, we need to make sure we know the client requirements and how best to help hem connect with the customers and in a cost-effective manner.

We conduct necessary research and survey to pinpoint what exactly the customers are looking for. Basically, our team locates the right demographic for you, the clients. It helps us pinpoint the proper campaigning platform because some requirements are easily achieved if we use the Facebook campaigning platform while other business may exclusively need a LinkedIn platform.

Another benefit of campaign management is that we are trying to understand what attracts our customers more and what repels them. The last thing you need is low conversion rates. And our vast exposure and network of contacts help us in creating the perfect customer datasheet for our clients.

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At RTNS we believe in maintaining transparency with our all clients. This has resulted in a separate team who takes care of the ROI report published by us to be handed over to our clients. In that ROI report, we show our clients that how much they have invested? And How much they are getting in return?

Although getting a clear idea of ROI in marketing is very tough still, our esteemed team have been able to find a , and with the help of number, clients will surely get an idea of the same. We take ROI report to be our , which measures our performance. This will enable clients to restore trust in us for their future projects.

Through different services that we offer under digital marketing, we show our clients the amount of advancement they have made while going with us. We have a unique formula which helps clients know their position.

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No matter the stream of business anyone is dwelling upon today's world is full of steep competition. In order to be the best, you need to beat the best. So, competitor analysis is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. RTNS has defined this analysis through 4 broad categories namely:

  • Audience growth
  • Content distribution
  • Content Engagement
  • Share of Interactions

This enables us to Compare the topics, tactics, and channels driving market performance for you and your competitors. It also uncovers opportunities to outperform the competition and differentiate your brand. We, in RTNS, thus Benchmark your brand against industry leaders, competitors, and market influencers. The main goal of competitive intelligence is to inform and validate your marketing strategy to stakeholders.

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