Network Service Providers in India

There is no doubt that the industry of network solution in India is facing a paradigm shift, and the evolving technology is the backbone of this shifting process. Now, if you are looking for a network service partner in India, then we can provide best solution for you. We have the right skill set to deliver the kind of work you want. We don't give utopian promises to our clients. Our services are result oriented and based on practical reality. We help some of the most reputed names in the country to set up and maintain network solutions in the premises of their customers across different parts of India.

How Network Solution service of RTNS is one of the Best in India?

RTNS plays a pivotal role in catering to the needs of the clients when it comes to the best network solution service partner. We have some of the best professionals who are engaged with couple of reputed telecommunication providers to augment their network infrastructure and provide the solution they dream of. We provide comprehensive and holistic support, and that is why our clients depend on us.

Why RT Network Solution?

When it comes to choosing a network solution service partner, there are three fundamental things that one should be looking at before making the final move. The first thing is our experience. We have an abundance of experience in providing superior network solution for multiple years. Besides, we have also gained a considerable reputation as one of the best network solution service providers in India.

Moreover, you can see the list of the clients we have served, and they are all leading names in the respective sectors. Therefore, we have served the big names with prowess, and so we understand what it takes to handle the pressure of a big project.

Benefits of work with us


Customer First


Experienced Employees


Transparency & Work Ethics


Process Driven Business Culture

Why MNCs Depend on RTNS?

  • Single point of contact for project cycle.
  • Controls costs and time.
  • Integration of various technologies.
  • Optimization of networks.
  • Call tracking.
  • Open / close of trouble tickets.

Our Major Clients