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RTNS has been involved in making e-commerce websites which are innovative, speedy and attractive. The websites which we will create is bound to engage its visitors. A good interface can help you to convert the visitors lessening the falls. We, in RTNS, understands this deeply; thus, we try to provide such an environment for our clients, which can drive customers towards buying your product. We understand your uniqueness high lightening that in every way possible.

We are a strong believer in customization. Hence all our work becomes intrinsic to your business ethos and work. Visually vibrant with hues and subtle tones are also one of the best features that we try and achieve in every website that we design. Through the help of trial and error, we try and put every design possible and then chose the best one which resonates perfectly with your business ideas and work. Needless to mention that all our websites are responsive and they are lighter in weight as well. They will take lesser time to get loaded up, thus reducing idle time for customers, which can be very much frustrating. All these technical details are achieved without compromising a bit on the aesthetics of your website.

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What does ecommerce web usability mean?

It is a word which is attached to user experience. Whenever there is a visitor on your ecommerce website, he is searching for some information. RTNS develops such intriguing ecommerce web usability that it makes visitor easy to access the information which is available on your website.

How static and dynamic web design differs?

Whenever there is a one-way communication process in a website that is known as a static design. Every information remains the same in that kind of page for every visitor. And when there is provision for two-way communication in a website, then that is a dynamic page. Your ecommerce website needs to have a dynamic website infrastructure.

How much space will be required to build your ecommerce website?

It is an aspect which RTNS will take care off. We have an uncanny affinity towards lighter weight ecommerce websites since they can be easily loaded on any system requirement. It will also take less space on world wide web making it search engine friendly.

How much money do I have to spend on developing your ecommerce website?

This is a tricky question. RTNS believed in giving great ROI to its clients. However, depending upon the features which you would require, we will charge you accordingly. Having said that you may compare it on the market, you are bound to find that we are offering cheapest price for this kind of esteemed services.

What if you have an existing ecommerce website with a domain name?

That is great!!! RTNS will give a fresh look to that website, making it search engine friendly through keyword optimization and other necessary activities. As per your domain name is concerned, we will transfer that domain name to that new fresh website.

Do you have to purchase a ecommerce website domain name?

RTNS will take care of everything. We have web hosting services, and there is a separate team who takes care of this. All you need to do is get enroll with us by contacting us through phone or mail, and we will do the rest.


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We, here in RTNS, have been indulged in building e-commerce websites for many years. All our websites are different and unique. With our experience, we have managed to shortlist 4 must have applications for E-commerce website in order to have effective visitor experience. These features are as follows: -

  • Ease of use- A website interface should be very unique and stylish, but at the same time, it should not be confusing for its visitors.
  • High resolution Photos and Videos- The pictures of the products should be of high definition because customers are going to see them as a reference and buy.
  • Responsive website- Seldom you will find that people are using desktop while shopping. Most of the time they are done over phone. So, a mobile-friendly website is also mandate.
  • User-Generated Reviews- The rating which are shown below your products are very useful for clients in order to decide.
online store design service Kolkata

RTNS is the leading provider of online stores in E-commerce websites. We have a bank of happy customers who serves as a witness for the number of years we have been dwelling in this business. We are going to make one of the most vibrant websites for you, which will be very suiting to customers who are going to visit your websites.

We will provide you with a domain name for your online store and will be hosting your store on world wide web. The after-sale service is also something which we would like to brag about all the time. As we have a separate team for this.

We will always make sure that your site is up and running and does not crash. We are also going to promote your business and will provide you with all the marketing tools. WordPress software will also be used on your website in order to make it lively.

order status tracking services Kolkata

Are you not getting enough customers for unavailability of sufficient features in your website? If yes, then please contact RTNS as we provide the latest features which an E-commerce website should have.

One of these features is order status tracking. Customers, once they have bought anything from your website, should expect that they are getting timely information about the whereabouts of their bought product. Thus, order status tracking is provided by us to every E-commerce website as we will it to be a mandate.

Integrating an ERP system into your eCommerce website can automate the whole process of order tracking, which can streamline communication with the customer about when they should expect their order to arrive. To reduce the human error and to ensure a smooth eCommerce shipping process, it is helpful to automate the following procedures: order status, payment processing, shipping status, and returns status.

payment gateway service provider Kolkata

Payment gateway is an option which every owner of e-commerce website has to include in their websites. Since the world is moving towards cashless economy, people tend to pay online with their debit/credit cards and even with payment applications such as Paytm or UPI. In order to make that available, you will require this feature.

RTNS provides such feature in every website that it makes. Once a customer enters in their payment details on your site, the payment gateway takes proper care of sending that data securely to payment processor section. Payment gateway take care of authorizing the payment to make sure that the data entered is enough to finalize the payment.

This gateway protects the details of the credit card by encrypting all sensitive information it holds. This process ensures that personal private details are passed securely between the customer and the merchant.

inventory management service consultancy India

Inventory management is so crucial for maintaining the supply-demand balance. Failing to meet the customers demand is equivalent to losing the customer to a competitor. The analysts at RTNS help you out in figuring out the exact number of items required in the right quantity to keep the ship steady.

We make sure the Inventory is operating at optimal condition and is ready to help our clients roll out the goods and products. It can cause immense financial problems if not maintained efficiently.

We help our clients by sharing with them the customer behaviour data which help us in getting an estimate what the customers may be expecting from the clients and how they need to shape their inventory in order to maximize their sales and profit. Our vast, diverse manpower helps us support our clients in ensuring the inventory is maintained optimally and smoothly.

shipping gateway service firm

Choosing the right shipping gateway goes a long way in saving money. Our team at RTNS have gained experience working with the most renowned shipping gateway platforms. We have also gained the admiration of our clients because RTNS has been able to provide them with the right gateway solution that fits your e-commerce platform.

It helps our clients’ e-commerce sites to gain higher revenue, which in turn helps us build positive reputation for ourselves. And our able think-tank, coupled with our expert software developer team helps you integrate the best shipping gateway option for your products. We understand that sometimes our clients need multiple shipping solutions all at once.

But we aren't bothered. We have worked in similar conditions, and quite successfully, we have added this feature to the internal admin infrastructure. We take that experience to you and help you get a better deal in this hugely contested market. We are here to provide you the best possible navigation routes that help you reach your customers in the shortest time possible.

ecommerce website reports service provider India

The key to developing a successful e-commerce website is making sure we know exactly how to reach our customers. And the easiest way to do this is having a detailed database of our customers and their interests, choices and past behavior in the market. For that, we provide our clients with detailed reports of our customers either in CVS format (like in a spreadsheet to show the comparative view of the customer activities based on different parameters like age-group, social status, customer traffic during different time-period) or sometimes, we base our study on Page-per-person (PDF) basis.

Our team at RTNS, which has impressed our partners with its expertise and speedy performance quickly extracts the data created by the inbound customer traffic and sends it the clients without much delay to help you see the supply-demand chain more clearly and refine the process quickly so that loss of time and money is avoided.

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