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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing a website to get organic or unpaid traffic from the search engine result page. It is a practice of growing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. Thus, proper guidance about the various SEO tools is needed to improve the SEO. A proper SEO tool will help a lot to improve the ranking in search engines. In this blog we will help you to know about some of the best SEO tools to improve your website ranking on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A Digital Marketing Company always tend to make sure that your website ranks on the top of all the social engines.

Here are the 10 most important SEO tools that a digital marketing agency should use:

1. SEMRush was founded in 2008 in Boston (US). It sells online perceptibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions. It is an SEO tool to find the most beneficial keyword. SEMRush is used to optimize the sites and create the content.

It is used by both personal blog sites and corporate websites to bring more traffic. They help to identify:

  • Different topics trending on the topic you choose,
  • To know suitable keywords for you & audit the on-page SEO,
  • Analyze the ratings & backlinks,
  • It also helps you to bring traffic and earn more revenue.

2. SERPed is a popular tool probably due to tons of features offered by them. It has a unique feature named “Ultimate Keyword Research” which helps to find numerous related keywords. One can find a lot of data along with low competitive keywords.

SERPed describes themself as an “All in one SEO tools suite with 45+ tools for keyword research, ranking, backlinks, lead gen, advanced reporting & more in one single account”.

SERPed associates data from Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, etc. Think! If you hire them it will cost approx $583.56 per month, whereas SERPed you will get all in one at much lesser price. It’s a powerful SEO tool used by many renowned companies.

3. SEOquake is a free plugin, providing organic research data at 1 click. It also provides audit, keyword density report, internal/external link analysis, and social metrics. It is easy to install as well as easy to work.

SEOquake chrome & firefox plugins are small versions of SEMRush which helps to know about the important metrics are few clicks only.

The main features of SEOquake are:-

  • SEObar: - navigate and analyze any data
  • SEO audit: - know about your technical issues
  • Keywords: - Get ample keywords for you and also know about your competitor’s target keywords.
  • Link reports: - Get to know about your Internal and External links present on the page.

SEOquake is an important tool for all websites. It is fast in action and is available free for all the major browsers.

4. Ahrefs is a famous tool for SEO analysis. The main features of Ahrefs are,

  • There is a Site Explorer to analyze your site’s profile backlinks and also of your competitors,
  • Content Explorer will help to let you know about the most shared contents on your topic on social media channels,
  • Keywords Explorer helps to get more keywords and traffic,
  • Rank Tracker tracks desktop ranking to get daily reports,
  • Site Audit analyses the website & detect the SEO health over time.

It will keep you updated about the recent or lost backlinks, web mentions & keyword rankings. It gives new ideas for link buildings or content analysis with charts, graphs, visual representation and so on.

5. The Screaming Frog SEO is a free tool & can also be purchased. It helps to drag more than 500 URLs and also to have an approach to the advanced features. It helps to get key elements to analyze& to audit technical and onsite SEO.

It is a tool used to have a quick analysis of the issues identified on your website.

A point to be noted here is that though it gives a lot of data but it is not best in explaining the conclusion of each item it counts.

Some of the important features of the screaming frog SEO tool are:

  • List mode in the free light version is unlimited,
  • Audit redirects in a site margin
  • It has a SERP snippet emulator that allows you to edit titles and meta direction in the SEO spider,
  • Crawls in the staging sites where generally you need login access.

6. Deepcrawl is an important SEO tool that crawls deeper into a huge amount of data giving satisfactory results. It is one of the global website crawler found in the market today.

It put strong importance on social responsibilities and also helps for charitable causes. It detects duplicate issues and compares crawls so that you can detect and fix them up.

7. Long Tail Pro is effective software allowing the user to generate numerous unique long-tail keywords in a few minutes based on a single root keyword at once.

Choosing the right keyword can grow more traffic. More than 800 keywords available here use data from the Google keyword tool. It will also calculate keyword difficulty and make it easy for you.

8. Link Miner is an easy to use backlink checker tool which focus on the backlinks that you can copy simply by providing metrics, features to filter, embedded link previews & save the appealing link.

It helps to go through your links over the past years too and helps to filter & save the most interesting links. You will be able to view all the backlinks on your website. It can view the web pages that your websites link or runs.

9. Google Analytics is a tool to mark websites, blogs & social networks. It helps to measure a website performance, to look if marketing is working or not, to divide users into different sections (age, sex, device, place, etc), to optimize website pages & offers facts about customer behavior for your business demand.

Google Analytics is free website analytics that gives intuitive how users find and use your website. You can track ROI for marketing with its help. It is a platform to measure site traffic, communication, make public understand your website & for the ad performance.

10. URL Profiler is a strong tool for SEO to link audits, social data & contents. It keeps numerous URLs with all data you need. Users can do several tasks at a time. It collects all your SEO data points and ties them in a single spreadsheet in few minutes.

  • It is a software-based SEO tool that helps to perform a task quickly with no slow down in any critical situation.
  • It includes social settings where you can make a list of which sites you want to collect data from social networks. It is helpful to find contact details & also to link prospects.
  • It includes social settings where you can make a list of which sites you want to collect data from social networks. It is helpful to find contact details & also to link prospects.

The above mentioned SEO tools will help to rank your website better. You’ll see increase of traffic, the increase in visibility and enhancing your total online presence.

The Digital Marketing space is growing like never before. Everyone should remain updated every second so that they don’t miss anything. For the Digital Marketing Consultancy, SEO are like their best friend that rescues them from every situation.

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