Few Tips for Making Your Instagram Stories Ads Effective

Effective Instagram ADs Stories

Instagram launched in 2010, has now become one of the most important digital marketing platform. It is an international platform where different brands allow the individual to develop their content, welcome new talent, advertise their products and to inspire the audience.

One of the main features of Instagram is its “Stories Ads”. It provides an exceptional but modern way to engage with your customer & targeted audience.

Mary Meeker, in 2019 Internet Trends Report spotted importance of the Stories and how it is gradually paving in today’s world.

Let us now study in details.

What are Instagram Stories Ads?

It is the most influencing platform to boost brand awareness, gain more followers and develop sales. About 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

There are many options available for giving ads on Instagram like,

  • Videos: Length up to 15 seconds, the file size of 4GB max.
  • Photos: Image ratio 9 × 6, Maximum File Size of 30MB, Length up to 5 seconds.
  • Carousel: It is a 3 piece of content including video & photos within a single ad.
  • Behind the Scenes Posts: It gives a brief look into the part of your business.

The aims for Instagram Stores Ads are:-

  • Reach to a larger audience,
  • Allow more traffic,
  • Encourage to view videos,
  • Generating leads,
  • Grow conversations.

Here are examples of some famous Instagram Stories Ads:-

  • Waterdrop(Embellishes water with fruit & plant extracts):

It is the brand that increased 24% of its sales reaching about 1.8 million people over 10 days. The creative didn’t instantly look like a typical ad, maybe that’s why the campaign worked magically.

  • Freshly Cosmetics (Natural & healthy cosmetics):

The campaign used native text in ads to explain how their products worked. Targeting people in Spain their campaign the brand boosted 9x sales.

How to create effective “Instagram Stories Ads”!

1) Videos grab more attention than an image. A video gives you 15 seconds where one can exhibit the product with visuals to clarify what the audience is watching! So, focus on the creation of the video and make something unique.

2) You can break down the stories into sequences rather than showing continuous images. It is a good practice to split the stories into contrasting scenes.

3) Instagram offers you with a vertical layout. Use it properly. Make content to fill up and adjust the entire ad space.

4) Regardless of whatever platform you go for, it may be an image or a video,always try to make it short and sweet. Use easy but attractive language; give enough information of whatever you do. Just keep in mind that it is easy to understand by everyone.

5) Position the logo in such a way that it is visible and easy to spot. Cleverly use your branding technique to attract the audience.

6) Always include a “Call to Action” like swipe for more, learn more, shop now, contact now, etc. CTA is now a great tool of engagement that helps to increase the number of click & sale of your campaign.

7) Track how your ads are performing through tools like ‘Instagram Stories Analytics’. Have a look in the sales (increasing/decreasing), traffic and so on.

So what are you waiting for?

In this world of digital marketing, every platform offers unique tools to boom up your campaign in the market. Numerous ‘Digital Marketing Service Companies in India and abroad’ tactfully uses these tools to have a better outcome. Instagram Stories Ads are an important way to connect with the target audience. Take advantage of this immersive format to crate effective stories and make the campaign emerge out from the crowd.

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